Advanced Technology

Socium’s best in breed technology was specifically selected to handle the unique complexities of closed-end private capital funds. Our entire business model is designed to provide superior private equity fund accounting, without the use of spreadsheets, with the highest level of expertise and professionalism.

Unlike large administrators who focus primarily on hedge funds, our technology platform is tailored for the unique nature of private investments and helps our clients increase transparency and controls for investors and regulators while minimizing operational expenses and maximizing returns. Our carried interest solution is a transparent calculation engine that can be used to automate waterfall calculation processing, perform scenario forecasting to evaluate the impact of hypothetical investment outcomes and generate the accounting entries required for your financial statements.

Socium is able to meet the reporting requirements of the most sophisticated institutional investors, with fully customizable reporting, delivered via a secure customizable web portal.

Contact Socium to learn about our cutting edge technology. We are dedicated to working with private equity firms, providing them with access to the latest technology in private equity administration.

Technology solutions designed to provide maximum flexibility, increase scalability and operational efficiency, mitigate risk and enhance business intelligence, without the use of spreadsheets.