The Conference Where the Private Credit Community Convenes

The article was written by Michael Von Bevern, Co-Managing Director, the Americas.

Last month, I attended the American Association of Private Lenders (AAPL) conference for the first time and didn’t know what to expect. I returned to New Jersey, looking forward to the AAPL’s 14th annual conference and engaging in local events more regularly. If you’re active in the private lending space, I highly recommend checking out their upcoming events.

My key takeaways:

  • This is the conference for you if you’re looking to launch a private credit fund. The conference offered great content led by industry experts, providing attendees with a blueprint for launching a fund. 
  • There were ample networking opportunities, including a well-attended poker night. You would have to work really hard to not walk away with some strong industry contacts.
  • Established fund managers were eager to share their personal experiences launching an investment fund. They shared examples of what worked and what they would do differently, removing some of the mystery behind starting a fund.
  • Educational roundtables were well attended, even on the last day of the conference. Investment professionals were curious about finding answers to the same questions, such as optimal fund structures, fee trends, and the benefits of open vs. closed-ended fund structures. 

For those that know me well, I am not a conference person. However, the AAPL’s annual conference changed my perspective. I look forward to attending the next AAPL sponsored event.

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