Treasury Services

The Socium team is experienced in all aspects of Treasury Services, and will help coordinate the account set up process through our banking partners. We have selectively chosen banking relationships designed to meet the unique needs of our Private Equity client base. All of our Treasury Services are performed via secure online banking portals, with strict adherence to a multi-step approval process.

Our team will monitor your designated cash accounts for incoming capital call wires, and will provide regular status updates. We follow best practice compliance procedures and perform AML/KYC on incoming wires, as well as OFAC checks on an on-going basis. Investor wire details are maintained in our secure investor database, and distribution payments are sent by the Socium team via secure online banking portals.

Contact Socium to discuss how you can maximize your firm’s resources, by partnering with experienced treasury services professionals.

  • Coordination of bank account set-up
  • Online banking portal
  • Capital call wire receipts
  • Distribution wire payments
  • Expense payments
  • On-going OFAC checks