Tax, Compliance and Regulatory Support

Socium understands the increased regulatory demands being placed on investment managers today, and is well-equipped to satisfy all tax reporting and compliance needs. Our combination of talent and technology allow private equity managers to meet these needs in an accurate and timely manner, enhancing their competitiveness.

Tax and Compliance Expertise

Socium can support full U.S. tax services, including fund, management company and general partner tax returns, as well as limited partner K-1s. Our global tax partner affords our clients the knowledge and expertise to deliver accurate and timely tax reporting across the broad spectrum of required filings.

In addition to tax reporting, the compliance demands being placed on investment managers has never been greater, and staying on top of the latest regulations can be a challenge for smaller firms. Socium allows managers to stay focused on their core competencies, without risking the consequences of non-compliance. Our team is dedicated to staying current on industry regulations, and provides any assistance needed to remain compliant. We adhere to industry best-practice AML/KYC guidance and provide full anti-money laundering support. In addition, you can be confident that all of your data is securely stored and will be protected at all times with the latest cybersecurity technology.

Contact Socium to learn about our tax and compliance services. We are dedicated to working with private equity firms, providing them with access to the latest technology to support their regulatory needs.

  • Federal, state & local tax filing compliance
  • Schedule K-1 reporting
  • Investor AML/KYC compliance
  • Ongoing OFAC checks
  • Regulatory reporting support
  • Data protection & privacy compliance
  • Cybersecurity compliance