Investment Accounting and Administrative Services

With our best in class technology and industry expertise, Socium helps private equity firms achieve operational excellence. Our accounting services are technology-driven, using the latest in information systems to provide superior fund accounting without reliance on spreadsheets. We partner with our clients to develop auditable solutions that are tailored to their specific needs.

Fund Administration for Private Equity Firms

Our experienced and reliable team uses high-efficiency tools to manage the daily books and records for clients so that fund managers can focus on what they do best – creating value for investors. Through a full complement of transaction support, we reconcile bank accounts, record expenses and valuation adjustments, and calculate carried interest and internal rates of return.

Reliance on spreadsheets is an outmoded way of handling accounting and reporting needs. Today’s complex fee structures are calculated more accurately and efficiently with a fully automated and auditable solution. With our software suite, the accounting and reporting process is fully automated, ensuring accuracy and a new level of efficiency and flexibility. Since Socium focuses exclusively on private equity fund administration, our services are customized for the industry and can be a key factor in laying the foundation for fund growth. We understand that managing cost and quality can be a challenge. Our fund administration services are designed to resolve that challenge and provide clients with exceptional value.

Contact Socium to learn about our cost-effective accounting and administrative services. We are dedicated to working with private equity firms, providing them with access to the latest technology to handle the unique aspects of their investment strategies.

  • Maintain general ledger
  • Reconciliation of cash
  • Record gains & losses on investments
  • Process capital calls and distributions
  • Create and maintain waterfall models
  • Systematic carried interest calculation
  • IRR calculations
  • Process cash disbursements
  • Financial statement preparation
  • Audit & Tax support